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Ultra Trail Guara Race and Trail Running

Recently this sport has gained many followers, Guara is a perfect place to practice Trail Running all year round as it has a fantastic orography, with great climbs, steep descents, trails and ravines that make up a terrain full of challenges.

There are specialized products such as training camps, preparation weeks that can be held between March and June, or the Ultra Trail of Guara in October, which is becoming more and more popular.

There are so many possibilities offered by this territory to practice trail running that the Somontano region celebrates 2 different competitions: the Ultra Trail Guara Somontano in October and the trail of the Sierra de Carrodilla in June.

The Guara competition is part of the Spain Ultra Cup.

The Ultra Trail Guara Somontano offers 4 routes of different lengths, slopes and difficulties, so that no one is left behind. These routes are: Ultra Trail with 102 km and 6,100 m ascent, Long Trail with 50 km and 3,000 m elevation gain and Trail with 38 km and 2,000 m vertical gain. In addition to these longer routes you can also find a Trail that will take you to the surroundings of the town of Alquézar, with a short route of just 13 km.

As well as these competitions, there are also other races in different areas of Guara, such as the North of Guara Trail, the Climb to Tozal de Guara and Guara Integral.

Guara's territory is suitable for trail running due to the diversity of its landscape.

NORTH OF GUARA TRAIL: A short and accessible race for everyone, created to introduce beginners to the world of mountain races. The route is 11 km long and has a total elevation gain of 500 m. It runs through mid-mountain areas and along winding paths through the canyons and forests of the north face of the Tozal de Guara.

ASCENT TO THE TOZAL DE GUARA: A simple, classic mountain path that climbs to the summit of Tozal de Guara (2077 m), before making a vertiginous descent back down to Nocito (930 m). Its circular route has a very easy ascent and descent profile. A very fast and extremely beautiful trail for the half marathon distance.  

GUARA INTEGRAL: A race of 42 km and 2900 m of positive elevation gain, that has a truly spectacular route. This descent runs through the Guara gorges with a subsequent ascent to the summit of Montidinera, then to the long, technical and impressive Fragineto crest, and finally to the summit of Tozal de Guara. A really tough race compared to the distance of a marathon, but one that leaves no one indifferent. This is a trail that will test you and make you fall in love at the same time.

You can also take part in the Trail de la Hoya de Huesca, which has two routes available: one of 16 kilometres and 150 metres of elevation gain; and another of 25 kilometres and 550 metres of slope gain.

Itinéraires de raids et ultraroutes dans la région de Guara.
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We provide you with proposed routes in the Somontano area for trail running:

  1. Rock Cathedrals Trail, in Rodellar.
  2. Guara Somontano Trail, in Alquézar.
  3. Mascún Canyon Trail, in Rodellar.

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