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Hiking routes in Sierra de Guara and Somontano

  The roads of the Sierra de Guara and Somontano were traditionally travelled by coal sellers, merchants, traders, hunters and local people. Many of these trails have now been recovered, signposted and offer all kinds of routes, from the most demanding sporting itineraries to short, less demanding walks for the whole family. Hiking in Guara is accessible for everyone as there are several trails for people with reduced mobility. In 2013, the Natural Park of Sierra de Guara and its canyons received the EDEN (European Destination of Excellence) award in recognition of the implementation in the adequacy to the accessibility of small trails to reach viewpoints, interpretation centers and bird observatories. The accessibility document offered by the Sierra de Guara Natural Park will provide you with information about accessible areas.

There are many signposted routes and for all levels.

Many of the hiking trails are simple and designed to enjoy nature with the family; other trails are old historic paths, walked in the past by hunters, coal sellers and nomadic shepherds; there are also sports routes with significant elevation gains that are much longer, in which the effort required is more than rewarded by the magnificent views offered by the landscape. 

In these links you will find easier, shorter and less steep routes. No trail will take you more than three hours and all starting points are close to the hotel Hostería de Guara or a maximum of 20 minutes by car: Pedruel Bridge, just 40 m of elevation gain and about 2 hours of walking; the hermitage of Treviño and the legends of Adahuesca, about 3 hours and 145 m elevation gain; Pacos de Morrano, circular route of about 240 meters of total elevation gain and about 2 hours of walking; The Virgin of the Castle, about 240m of slope and 2 hours of walking where you can see stone walls and magnificent views of the Mascún canyon; and finally, Fuentes de Tamara, a linear path of about 3 hours of duration and about 470m of elevation gain.

Hiking routes in Sierra de Guara and Somontano senderismo FILEminimizer
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Some other examples with an increasing level of difficulty in terms of length and elevation are: La Real de Mascún, the star of the hiking routes for the vast majority of lovers of the Sierra de Guara, in it you discover much of its character and mystery; the Balces summits, beautiful views of the Pyrenees, the Rodellar valley and the main canyons of Guara; the portal of the Cunarda, a peculiar route where you can see different limestone formations and curious windows; sites such as the Tozal de Mallata, the Abrigo de Arpán, Regacens and the Chimiachas deer show the rock art of Guara.

In the Sierra de Guara there is a spectacular itinerary of more than 50 km through the Somontano and about 80 km through the region of Hoya de Huesca, which is part of the Natural Paths Program. These trails are well signposted, restored and properly conditioned. Walking these paths brings us closer to one of the most special areas of the Sierra de Guara, with its landscape and its environmental, historical, cultural, natural and ethnographic value.

Below are some of the sections along the nature trail that crosses Guara:
– Stage 1: Alquézar – Asque – Colungo – Alquézar.
– Stage 2: Alquézar – Las Almunias de Rodellar.
– Stage 3: Las Almunias de Rodellar – Salto de Bierge.
– Stage 8  through la Hoya de Huesca.

  We invite you to discover all these routes in the best possible way, with moments of adventure and hiking in Guara, accompanied by a specialized guide who will make sure that your memory is the best, not only enjoying the scenery, but also getting to know a little more of what the stories tell. The mountain guides share their love for nature with all those who participate in the activities, so that what was a linear route of six hours with a great slope becomes a day of contact with nature and the discovery of corners, secrets, plants, stories and fauna. It becomes a personal experience that no one can capture beforehand and guarantees the security provided by the mountain professionals who accompany you in your discovery.

Our hiking offer is completed with the GR-45 trail in Somontano: a long and circular route between Bierge, Colungo and the lower areas of Somontano de Barbastro; The GR-11 is a historic route that passes just outside the door of the hotel Hostería de Guara and takes us to the neighboring village of Alberuela. The GR-14 trail in Sobrarbe shows in its itinerary one of the quietest areas of the Sierra: the path of the secrets of Guara. This trail is highly recommended as it displays the diversity found within the Sierra de Guara in terms of landscape and morphology. This path is already part of the Sobrarbe Geological Park, land that connects Guara with the Pyrenees to the northeast.

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