Hostería de Guara Hotel en Guara Canyoning

Canyoning in the depth of Sierra de Guara

The depths of the canyons have remained unexplored for countless years. Thanks to this, the inhabitants of the Sierra have invented countless stories over time about witches and spirits that live there. The canyon which best represents this mystery with its name is the Mascún canyon, located in the heart of the Sierra, which means “place inhabited by witches”.

Sierra de Guara, the best territory for canyoning.

The Frenchman Lucien Briet began to show with his photographs what was hidden behind these deep ravines. In the 60s and 70s, French and Spanish mountaineers began to descend the riverbeds, giving rise to the first topography of canyons by Pierre Minvielle. At the same time, it was the first practice of canyoning in Guara, which still today shares the mystery and the landscape of its rivers with all visitors to the Sierra. That is why the natural park of the Sierra and canyons of Guara is considered to be the cradle of canyoning in Europe and the world, and has more than 60 canyoning sport canyons.

Canyoning is an activity that combines fun, sportsmanship, contact with nature and adventure.

Those who practise this sport will swim, jump, rappel and dive down the riverbed, avoiding the obstacles created by the erosion caused by the water over hundreds of years.

Hostería de Guara Hotel en Guara Canyoning

Canyoning has many levels depending on the type of canyon. From the age of 7 years and until our physical condition allows we can practice this sport, always in the company of professional guides, such as Alex and his team. Guides like these will help you to get to know and feel the Sierra de Guara not only in canyoning but also in sports such as climbing, mountain biking or hiking and via ferrata…

If you prefer to go on your own, don’t forget that canyoning is a regulated activity in the natural park of the Sierra and canyons of Guara. Please consult the regulations:

The sensations of being carried away by the water, swimming, jumping, sliding… are something that only you as a visitor can understand once you have practised this sport. Este es This is a perfect Guara Active Moment: discover the adrenaline rush and the feeling of relaxation, connecting with the water, the rocks and the sun.

These are some of the most outstanding canyons (including technical data sheet and downloadable map):

Enjoy your Guara Active Moment and forget for a few hours the stress, the phone, the e-mails and the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Feel like you are on holiday 100% at least for a few hours!!!

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