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Our cafeteria and restaurant services are open to the public. If you are looking for a restaurant in Guara or are coming from visiting Alquezar we can offer you our services.

We offer two options at lunch time so that you can choose whatever you want, whenever you want it:

In our Restaurant, you can enjoy a carefully planned menu of traditional cuisine and an excellent menu of wines from Somontano and Rioja, among others.

The Bistro de Guara, in our cafeteria, provides a more informal service with extended opening hours, and offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, combined dishes, raciones, etc.

“In the restaurant, for the food to be perfect it must be accompanied by good company” and "the kitchen needs time, dedication, care and high-quality ingredients.”

This is what Matilde, our mother, has always told us in order to instil in us her philosophy as a cook.

The result of her words is that the Hostería de Guara family puts this care and dedication into the creation of the menus that we serve to our clients.

A few years ago, Matilde retired from the kitchen to hand the mantle over to Ana, who, with the help of the team, continues preparing the traditional stews, desserts and cakes that tempt visitors back year on year.

The bistro is located at the front of the hotel, in the cafeteria and terrace where we can take advantage of the morning sun. The restaurant is located at the back, which also has a summer terrace where you can enjoy an aperitif before dinner or start dinner with a spectacular sunset.

The bistro has a grill menu on which you can find light snacks or a steak of more than 800 g or even 1 Kg to share. There is also a menu of sandwiches, combined dishes and raciones for a quick bite before continuing your visit to Guara or for a more informal dinner if you aren’t too hungry.

In the restaurant you will find a menu with different options of starters, mains and desserts to choose from. All dishes are homemade with local produce. We strive to uphold the 0 km philosophy.

On the menu, there are dishes made with a base of vegetables from the garden, which can be found a few meters from the hotel, and seasoned with herbs that we can see growing in our gardens. We use meats such as lamb from Aragon (lambs born and raised in the vicinity of Guara in our case), la Fueva pork (from free-range pigs raised in the north of the Sierra de Guara), beef from the Pyrenees, Poleñino poultry, game from the reserves of the Sierra, fish such as trout and sturgeon from the Cinca River and Radiquero and Las Almunias cheeses. The olive oil comes from our harvest as well as a single-varietal oil made in the Bierge oil mill. We also use Guara honey, which is collected by the beekeeper in Bierge, almonds from the family harvest, fresh Sieso cheeses, Somontano and Graus sausages and artisan ice creams from Bierge.

All products are well accompanied by our wine list of more than 60 wines from Somontano and other Spanish regions such as Rioja, Rivera del Duero, Cava, Toro, Rueda, Bierzo and Valdeorras.

After dinner you can enjoy a nice cup of tea from our menu of 15 different herbal teas or a good coffee with a digestif from Colungo.

Dishes on our menu include Matilde’s Chicken with prawns which has been our star dish for 30 years. Other favourites include Salmorejo, rabbit with almond sauce, roast goat or lamb and salads with pink tomato. Our homemade desserts include cream cheese with raspberries and chocolate lava cake with ice cream from Elarte. All of our dishes are traditional, fresh and homemade on site in the hotel, designed with our clients in mind.

If you have any dietary requirements, just say so and we will do our best to serve you a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We cater to gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, lactose free, egg free diets and more.

Just let us know and we can prepare it for you.

Another option that we offer is the Bistro de Guara. Here you will find a menu with different sandwiches, hamburgers, toasts and salads for dinner. We also have raciones if you are not very hungry. It is perfect if you want to make a quick stop to eat before continuing your day or to replenish your strength after exploring canyons or hiking along one of the routes in Guara.

In the bistro you can find a small menu of local beers such as Bachiella beer brewed in Somontano, Rondadora brewed in Ainsa and the craft Republica de Monegria beer from Monegros.

If you fancy an aperitif, we also have a small menu of mixed drinks that vary depending on the season.

In the morning you can have a freshly brewed coffee with breakfast and whatever you choose from a selection of toast, sandwiches or home-made sponge cakes.

You can also order your picnic to take away, so that you can make the most of your time in the mountains.

As you can see, we have the solution for every scenario.

"In the restaurant the food to be perfect must be accompanied by a good company. The kitchen needs time, dedication, love and good raw material."

Chef of Guara Restaurant




Poultry chicken with Matilde prawns


Rabbit with almond sauce


Salad with pink tomato


Cheese mousse cup with raspberry coulis

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