Mountain Biking and Cycle Touring


ne of the most fun and sporty ways to travel and discover the Sierra de Guara and its surroundings while enjoying being in contact with nature is mountain biking or road biking. If you like to pedal while discovering the landscape and culture, then you will enjoy the wilder environments of the Sierra de Guara and the gentler landscapes south of Somontano. Discover new corners with plenty of charm in Guara.

Enjoy the trails and tracks of Guara by bike, alone, with friends or family.

There are several signposted mountain bike trails throughout Guara and Somontano. These include routes with different levels of difficulty which depend on the total elevation and length of the route. All are circular and can be biked in either direction. Many of them are connected to each other, thus allowing long distances to be covered.

After years of restoring the paths and tracks throughout the Sierra de Guara, a strong network has been created with many attractive features.

There are many reference websites when it comes to finding areas for mountain biking or cycle-tourism in the Sierra de Guara. These can be found at and

BGuara Cycling Rocks is a great cycle-tourism space in the heart of the Sierra de Guara with 29 routes to discover the most inaccessible corners of this region: 14 enduro routes, 8 rally routes, 2 family routes, 1 challenge route, 1 XC circuit and 3 road routes.

The number of people cycling these routes on mountain and road bikes has increased in recent years. Furthermore, signage has been improved and there is more information for you to explore the territory on your own.

The following are links to routes near the hotel

Tour of the Peonera

Rally-type route with a high technical difficulty, recommended for cyclists with a good technical level. It is a circular route between Bierge and Las Almunias, taking in the Peonera canyon, one of the most emblematic canyons in the Sierra de Guara.

Route to the Sierra Foothills

Circular, rally-type route, of medium technical difficulty, between Adahuesca and Radiquero, although also extendible to San Pelegrin or the hermitage of Treviño.

Rock Cathedrals Route, Mascún Canyon

Circular enduro route of high technical and physical difficulty between Rodellar and Bara passing through the incredible limestone landscape of Mascún.

Guara Tour Route

Road route of very high technical and physical difficulty, about 200 km long with a total elevation gain of more than 3000 meters.

Campos de Bierge Route

Circular route of about 18 km with medium difficulty that begins and ends in Bierge.

Puerta de Guara Route

Circular route with high technical difficulty and beautiful panoramic views from Alberuela to Radiquero and San Pelegrin, then back to Alberuela.

If you would prefer to have a guide, there are several companies that offer this service. Guarabike offers a tour that will allow you to discover most of the natural park.

Several MTB competitions are held in Guara such as GuaraTour Xtreme and the Enduro World series.


Bring your bike and enjoy the routes around Guara!

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