Bike friendly hotel

Cheer up! There is no excuse. You can leave your bike at home!

Hostería de Guara is located in the Sierra de Guara Natural Park. It is an unbeatable environment to spend your time outside doing sports that are becoming more popular every day: mountain biking and cycle tourism.

We're a bike-friendly hotel. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable when arriving back at your accommodation covered in mud from the bike or dust and dirt after cycling trails all day. This is why we have provide a space for you to wash your bike outside the hotel as well as independent access to the rest of the bike-friendly areas and rooms. After washing your bike, you can leave it on the bike racks or check it into the workshop. From here you can go to your room and enjoy a hot shower. The bar is also a great place to relax in after an exhausting day. You can have a snack under the shade of the porch.

The workshop area has a manual bike pump and basic bike repair stand. We have basic tools including a chain cutter, degreaser and a chain cleaning brush. We also have grease for chains, tyre patches and spare inner tubes, keys and levers, and screwdrivers.

Each bike rack has a padlock and key for you to use.

In this same space you can find information about suggested cycling routes. If you need more information, we have more brochures at Reception.

Being a bike-friendly hotel we are also a cyclist-friendly hotel. We cater to special requests from customers such as having pasta for breakfast, energy bars or isotonic drinks. We can provide picnic lunches with a higher energy content or dinners full of carbohydrates to replenish energy levels.

We also organize a physiotherapist service, which is located is between Huesca and Bierge. For this service it is essential to book in advance.

Most guests bring their own bikes, but if you need one there is a bike rental shop in Adahuesca.

We collaborate with Guara Bike, a tour-guide company that will be able to accompany you on the routes that you decide to discover. Or if you prefer, the company can provide information and support so that you can go it alone.

We are in BGuara territory, which means that you will find routes of varying difficulty for both mountain and road biking near our hotel. In our activities section you can find links to see the nearest routes.


Bring your bike along and go for it!

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