Horse Riding Trails in Guara at Bierge Stables

Another activity that has become more and more popular with people of all ages is horse riding. Horse riding through the Sierra de Guara allows you to get to know the area in a privileged way that is completely in touch with nature. Ride on horseback from the outskirts of the village of Bierge to the paths and spectacular landscapes of Guara. This activity allows you to become at one with nature. Connecting with the horse makes the ride a unique and unforgettable experience. Close to the hotel you will find the Our Paints Place ranch. The Bierge stables, with Gemma leading the team, work with the American Paint Horse breed. In the facilities there are paddocks where the horses live in semi-freedom, and a warm-up and training track for beginners. There are comfortable and quiet one/two-hour-long rides along the paths of the old orchards of Bierge towards the Alcanadre river. There are also longer routes for experienced riders over several days, crossing the canyons and gorges of the Sierra de Guara. Take in both the rays of sunshine during the day and the impressive starry nights of the sky at the heart of Guara. For those who do not feel comfortable riding a horse, there is the possibility of carriage rides. Can you think of a better way to see a wonderful sunset? Bierge stables have ponies for the little ones so that the whole family can enjoy the horses in Guara.

An experience that will make you fully enjoy contact with nature.

Bierge Stables also organises summer camps in July all about the world of horses. The camps are designed to teach girls and boys aged 6 to 16 years old how to ride and interact with horses in a natural environment. While the children enjoy the summer in contact with nature, parents can also do it at their own pace, staying in the hotel, relaxing or enjoying the wide range of activities that Guara has to offer.


e have several options for you and your family to enjoy the routes on horseback including a carriage ride at sunset with a romantic toast included, a ride with a picnic along the river, or a stay of several days with various routes on horseback for families. We also offer camps for children that allow parents to enjoy time as a couple while their children learn the values that nature has to offer. Check out our accommodation offers. For equestrian activities, contact Gemma: + 34 685 42 46 41

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