he depths of the canyons have remained unexplored for many years. Thanks to this, over time, inhabitants of the mountain range have invented endless stories about witches and spirits that live in the Sierra. The canyon that best represents this mysteriousness is the Mascúun Canyon in the heart of the Sierra, with its name that means '“place inhabited by witches'”.

Sierra de Guara, the best territory for canyoning or canyoning

The Frenchman Lucien Briet began to show what was hidden in those deep canyons through photography. In the 1960s and 1970s, French and Spanish mountaineers began to descend through the riverbeds and the first topography of the canyons was created by Pierre Minvielle. At the same time, the practice of canyoning in the Sierra de Guara was born. Today, the mystery and landscape of the rivers are shared with all visitors to the Sierra.

The Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Park is considered the homebirthplace of canyoning in Europe and worldwide and has more than 60 sports canyons.

Canyoning is an activity that combines fun andfun, sports with nature and adventure.

Visitors who practicedo this sport will descend down the river bed overcoming obstacles created by the erosion of hundreds of years of flowing water.

The canyon’s obstacles are overcome by jumping, swimming, rappelling and diving.

Canyoning has many levels depending on the type of canyon. To do this sport, you must be over the age of 7seven, be physically fit, and always accompanied by a professional guides. Guara guides like Alex and his team will help you make your way through the Sierra de Guara, especially when canyoning, but also in sports such as climbing, MTBhiking and climbing via ferratas.

If you would prefer to go on your own, don’t forget that canyoning is a regulated activity in the Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Park. Please consult the regulationsrulesÁreas/RedNaturaAragón/EspacIntegrRedNaturArag/EspaciosNaturalesProtegidos/BARGUARA_ES.pdf


The feelings of going with the flow of the water, swimming, jumping and sliding can only be understood once you’ve tried the sport for yourself.

This is a perfect Guara Active Moment: discover the rush of adrenaline and feeling of relaxation, connecting with the water, rocks and sun.

These are some of the highlights. Use these links to download the fact sheets and maps:

Enjoy your Active Guara Moment and forget about the stress, the telephone, emails, and the hustle and bustle of daily life for a few hours. Spend some time in 100% holiday mode!

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